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April Fools Knockoffs


It is April Fools day and once again, I did not have any grand plans for a
good joke.
I made some lame Facebook post about an anti-gravity room.

One of the things I have talked about for a while is getting Rosetta Stone
and learning Spanish so I can understand the music they play at Taquería.
So as no one randomly sent me Rosetta Stone or it did not show up Standard
Poodle style so I figured I would buy it, on Craigslist.
Made arrangements to meet the person from Craigslist at the Movie theater in
Daly City. Turns out they are no ATM Mac Hines Mac Hines in the entire
complex. That meant that the person selling the Rosetta Stone and I had to
drive to the Wells Fargo. I go use my ATM card and it turns out it expired.
So I had to queue up at the bank with all of the people who queue up at
banks while this person had to wait.
When we made the transaction, I looked closely at the package and noticed
that Rosetta Stone's marketing department is either staffed by individuals
whose strength is not spelling or it was a knockoff.
Will see how it works out. My Spanish will probably include something that
is very offensive.
As I walked out of the bank (which was in a Lucky's) I was stopped by those
people selling knock off colognes. I guess since they saw I had a knockoff
Rosetta Stone, I would be in the market for something that almost smells
like Drakkar Noir if I was across the stadium. I then said something about
how cologne for the most part should be banned. Then it turned out that the
guy who I bought the stuff needed a ride to the city so I dropped him off at
AT&T Park.
Went to the Chestnut Street area for the 5K and I actually felt pretty good.
It turned out I won, not one but two raffles but gave one away because I do
not like people telling me how to do pushups. (I won entry into the next
training program but I am undecided about the San Francisco half marathon.
Will probably do it, it will keep me off the street and away from gangs.


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