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One of the reasons that the Beatles are the greatest rock band ever is that
when they stopped, they stopped.
George Harrison did not tour with Pete Best and call themselves the Beatles.
Paul McCartney did use Ringo Starr as a drummer several times.
Many other bands (I am looking at you Beach Boys) trudged along in a
pathetic series of line ups but when the Beatles were done, for the most
part they were done (I am not counting the talking over John Lennon's
answering machine that they did in the 1970's)
They started off doing a mix of covers and simple songs before they got
moving in the Revolver/Rubber Soul through Abbey Road. They defined the
sound of their time not adjusted such as the Rolling Stones with Emotional
Rescue and Miss You (or the Grateful Dead and Shakedown Street).
When they broke up, they broke up. That was the end. No reunion tours, no
weird albums trying to fit in with the times.

Now the Beatles of Science Fiction movies was the original Star Wars
Trilogy. The Star Wars Prequels were the equivalent of Ringo Starr and
George Harrison popping over on Full House calling it a Beatles Concert.
George Lucas is coming out with a Baby Jedi series which is like the Beatles
coming out with a remake of Yellow, o wait....

Two of my favorite boxers, Marvin Hagler and Lennox Lewis retired and did
not come back with silly comeback after silly comeback. Compare Barry
Sanders to Jerry Rice in a Seahawks uniform.
Leave the party before you need to.

Listen to Pet Sounds, watch Full House, be sad...


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