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Roadside assistance and finding a CD

Before I buy any more Groupons I need to clear out some inventory. Yesterday
I went to the Epicenter Cafe to use my $20 voucher.
Saw that Maryland had beaten Duke so I had various randoms make prank calls
to the one person on my phone that did not want phone calls at that moment.

Saw someone walking around wearing miller lite pajama pants. I have always
thought wearing prominent logos or shirts for let say Miller Lite unless you
were working giving out cheap bottle openers (WHY DO THEY GIVE OUT CHEAP
BOTTLE OPENERS THAT BREAK??) was odd. No let me know when you the Simpsons
print Snuggie.

After a few more stops, (21st Amendment, Nova, Elixer). It was a good night
between the Urban Diversion Happy Hour and then the preseason kickball
fundraiser thing.

I made it back to the BART station to discover that someone had left the
lights on in the Marcusmobile. I am sure someone picked the lock on the key
and just turned my light on so that it would be dead when I got to the car.
I am sure it was very involved with many parties participating on leaving my
light on. Luckily I had road side assistance so I could have someone resolve
the lack of battery power. I am glad I did not have to get a jump from some
movie goers.

Today on the way out of Clown Colony, I saw a CD, which simply said Mix CD.
I imagined putting it and being treated to great songs like "Midnight Train
to Georgia" leading into "The Long and Winding Road" to the Vapors but no,
it was awful. A couple of the songs sounded familiar but then it turned out
to be sampled leading into garbage. The music the kids listen to! Back in my
day we taped songs off the radio!

Comedy show was good...


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