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3 phones

About 4:00 AM I heard a beeping in my apartment. Thought my apartment was on
fire or I was being abducted by aliens.
Quick question, if you had an opportunity to go on a spaceship, tool around
about would you. I would be concerned about motion sickness but would do it.
I was happily not on fire but no aliens, it turned out my home phone was
paging itself and I needed to remove the battery.
Now you are thinking that how can I, someone that is on the leading edge of
technology have a home phone? Next thing I would tell you is that I have
stacks of yellow pages for all cities I do business in.
The reason I have a home phone is that I work from home and its easier to
conduct business on a land line with a headset.
So the day starts with a broken phone. Any calls need to be made on my cell
phone and I needed to put them on speaker phone so I could type (I have
never gotten into the blue tooth thing as I do not like Lobot)
I make my way to Costco and I get the second phone. I get it home and
discover no jack for a headset. Bummer!!
So I go back to Costco and return it. I was expecting a miserable time, but
it was not too bad....
Then I went to Target that I somehow found near where I lived, (this is a
joke) and the people near the phones were neither rocket scientist or brain
surgeons when asked about the presence of a jack. Luckily I was able to open
the box and see they had a jack.
Got the phone and it was all good.
You are wondering, how is this the greatest blog? Aliens? No new information
but simply, yeah I would go on the space ship but I may get sick? You are
probably thinking of your own mortality and vowed to make every moment count
and then you read this pointless story about land lines and alien


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