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13 years

It has been 13 years since I was called during a snow storm to see if I
wanted to move to California.
My first question was not about money or career path, it was "what is the
weather" and the person said it was in the 70's.

I put the phone down and asked my two droogs playing Play Station, Hey do
you all want to move to California? A few weeks later we all drove cross
country in a Saturn. We did not know what time shows started on the West
(we were all big X Files fans at the time, I considered watching Fringe...)
*If you are recruiting for a job where they are open to relocation, call
during blizzards, I think I would have gone to Kuwait...
Then I bought a car, the Marcusmobile which is running. Kind of like the
Space Shuttle with many new parts.

In 1997 cell phones were much rarer, what was a text message, no Facebook
and we tried to bind two 56K modems.
Used to go to this all you can eat Sushi joint that was $6.99.

On another note, 75% done with the no drinking in January and February and I
do not miss it all. I have not found that I am missing out on anything.

A thing I started in 2006. It is way easier then the first time and not
drinking is sort of like being the guy with the parrot or lizard. You save a
ton of money and feel infinitely better in the morning. I am considering
greatly reducing drinking going forward. Here are some possible guidelines
*No drinking while waiting, on occasion, if I arrive somewhere early, I will
mindlessly go to a bar and have a few drinks. Find something else
*No PBR or beers that are advertised during the superbowl. If I am going to
drink beer, drink really good beer and maybe 2. If it is not available drink
*No ordering more beer/drinks simply because it is on special (ie $1 PBR)
*cool events like beer festivals, brews on the bay etc are good
*vacations and trips to Maryland are good...

If it is the weekend of Brews on the Bay, then drinking, pub quiz on
Tuesday, no drinking...


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