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Shaving Cream and an exciting BART ride....

I stopped the train.
Anyway earlier in the day I noticed I was plum out of shaving cream. I made
a mental note to myself to buy shaving cream when I BARTED in after toiling.
I took BART because we have been getting this crazy short storms. They are
fun to watch if you are inside but I imagine if you are out and about, not
so much.

As I was early sat in a Starbucks and watched this guy wearing Pajama pants
get into a white van that pulled over. I made up a whole bunch of stories
about that.

Purchased a canister of shaving cream and as San Francisco is going green, I
got a paper bag. When I was in the bar, people thought I was sneaking a
bottle but I had to show it was shaving cream.

The BART ride was the most interesting, Was minding my own business when I
saw a guy standing up and swaying back and forth towards another passenger.
The other guy rightfully got weirded out and moved seats, at this point, the
odd fellow collapses and I rush over to see if he is having a heart attack
or a fit. Another guy puts his umbrella and I shout to the driver (we were
in the front car). What was interesting is how some people got very involved
and others were annoyed they were delaying in getting to the burger troff.
He seemed to be responsive but a little out of it. I made sure if he got
sick he would not choke. He did not speak English. The heat arrived and they
wanted to know if the brown paper bag was with the person who collapsed.
The indifferent people from Heald College Nursing program called on their
cell phone complaining about the other passengers over reacting. They said,
I am taking nursing classes and he is not having a seizure. OK, fair enough
but are we supposed to ignore this person in the aisle of the train?

The heat came on and took the guy away as he was able to get up but was out
of it. He seemed not to happy to see the police.


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