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In a really good way, it was a really busy week. Getting ready to fly to
Maryland to celebrate the Holidays a bit late (it is FAR cheaper to fly on
MLK weekend compared to Christmas plus the planes are not full of people who
normally do not fly..)
I am going to talk my family into celebrating Thanksgiving a few weekends
early. Maybe if I bring tapes of Barry Sanders era Lions games.
We are going to do a blind wine tasting. I am giving my no drinking in
January and February a hiatus while I am in Maryland. Still not a huge fan
of Maryland liquor laws. They are silly. If you are wanting to be governor
of Maryland just say you will allow Trader Joe to sell Chimay. That is low
hanging fruit. I am surprised that Maryland allows the use of remote
controls on Sunday.
Had a few good runs this week and one bad one when my chance to look smooth
and debonair went out the door. When I tumbled at night I made a loud crash
and was running in a bog group. Luckily I did not bring down bikes or a row
of tourists on Segways. But I got up like Apollo in Rocky I and despite
gravel embedded I finished the run. May be influenced by Dean Karnazes's
books where he runs long distances AND eats pizza with pineapples..
At pub quiz both times I felt like Jim Kelly in a 1990's Super Bowl, as we
finished 2nd. I considered looking up a boxer who had a bunch of title shot
but never won but that is one of the things that would have to be explained
like the Japanese show where the guy fights monsters with a guitar, even
people from Japan have no idea what I am on about...
When they make an American remake of Slumdog Millionaire that will be part
of my montage. I just want to have the big Bollywood dance on the BART
Platform. May be too narrow.
India is one of those places I really want to go to and at the same time
never want to go there ever. Would consider going to Goa.
Started doing these post run ice soaks in the unheated upper pool. I wonder
if the other residents will allow me to keep the upper pool unheated.


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