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An Asha Clone

A few days ago, I mentioned that I wanted the eventual replacement of the
Marcusmobile to be a Tesla S Model that will be coming out in either 2011
My Facebook friends correctly stated that most likely I would not want to
pay retail, which is true. My reputation for being frugal is fairly strong.

It may surprise people that I have almost no interest in free day either at
a restaurant or a movie or a museum. I do not care how much I can save on
Black Friday, you will never find me in the parking lot of Wal Mart to save
$5 on a toaster. I do not like crowds or queues and my main satisfaction
does not come from getting something for free or for less but rather less
than the other people. Looking around and knowing I am getting the same
experience for less, makes me think I figured something out.

An example is last Thursday when I went to Benihana in Burlingame with a
friend on Thursday. We both had a birthday in December and were able to get
a $30 voucher at Benihana
Amazingly they let us both use the vouchers, so our $70 meal was $10. If it
was 2 could dine at Benihana for $10 I would be nowhere near that joint but
looking around, and knowing I had paid less that pretty much every body made
the Ocean Treasure that much better.

When I got back to Daly City, I saw my cat Asha in the Parking lot. My
indoor cat had somehow gotten out of the apartment and was now loose. So
like a crazy person, I tried to entice the cat to me but she darted off into
the distance. Went inside to get some cat food to entice her back. My cat
was inside. So it was obvious that my cat had either cloned or teleported
It would have been far funnier if I would have captured the wayward cat and
returned to my apartment with the duplicate. What would have happened if the
two got mixed up and I ended up tossing Asha out on the street like Fred
Flinstone's cat (Baby Puss)


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