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Raiders Game


"Picked up my guitar and played, just like yesterday"

Went to Oakland to see the Raiders do battle with the Ravens. Imagine silly
helmets having a collision.
While waiting for my friend at BART, I saw some Jehovah Witnesses and I was
sort of hoping they wanted to have a chat with me about their beliefs so I
can ask them about the age of the earth and that type of thing (in a very
friendly manner). Eventually one of them approached me and asked me if I
spoke Spanish. We spoke Spanish/English with the limited Spanish I know and
I taught them a little English.

We took BART and I was expecting loads of fist to cuffs but besides some
fans yelling, everyone was very well behaved.
The Raiders fans are like Star Wars fans expecting the next Episode not to
be an insult.

I picked up my ticket at the will call office and then we walked around the
stadium. When I got to the gate, I realized I had lost my ticket. Went to a
couple of places where I could have lost it but to no avail. Went to two
offices and it looked like that I would need to purchase another ticket
Now this is the time of year when people ask about New Years Resolution.
Mine is not get angry about small things. It would have been $35 for another
ticket, not worth the extra sauce of anger. I went back to the place where I
picked up my Groupon ticket. All was back in place AND we both got vouchers
for a free lunch at Chipotle. (If you are a fan of the greatest blog,
sending us Gift cards to Starbucks or Chipotle would be solidly be put to
good use)

We could not have asked for nicer weather, especially seeing the footage of
the colts bills game played on Hoth. They are hearty folks.

People watching (and listening) at a Raiders game was fun.
This one guy had a bunch of cheers/yells like
-not in our house
-Sey Mour
-Sea Bass
-Hold the Defense

The Raider fans were polite. I saw a large police presence and quite a few
signs that told who to text if you saw misbehavin. I wonder how many prank
texts they get in regards to JaMarcus Russel who is the anti-Peyton

Was wondering about their back story.

Left in the third quarter. I am not hard core at all.

Another goal for the year is to read 52 books. Will need to find palatable
books (reasonable length & shorter chapters). Just finished Book 1, The
Selfish Gene and starting on book 2, Eating the Dinosaur. I am not going to
read Gravity's Rainbow in a week.


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