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Second attempt to see Avatar

If all goes well, I will be seeing Avatar in about an hour. This is the
first time using Fandango when it was not opening night.

Yesterday after running a 10K in Palo Alto, I was reading the New York Times
and the Ad that quoted Roger Ebert, someone who is almost as knowledgeable
about good movies as the writer of the Greatest Blog
he said, I felt the same way after seeing Star Wars, I knew I should check
this movie out. I remember back in 1977 when I was very much in short pants
and being like wow, this is way better than Logan's Run/Ultraman/Star Trek.
I wonder if I was born 32 years earlier, would I have like Star Wars or was
it a movie that showed up at the perfect time, like a stray standard poodle?
I have avoided reading many of the reviews and I was a bit indifferent in
seeing it based on the trailer, but Fletcher Kaufman, a voice actor can do
virtually any world-wide English-speaking dialect/accent spoiled it when he
mentioned the lack of Standard Poodles in Avatar.

Went to the movie theater and it was sold out. I do not remember for a long
time a movie being consistently sold out almost three weeks after it's
release date. I ended up going to Pacifica where a couple of geniuses at
Lucky's recruited me to help them attempt to cut open a dead bolt with bolt
cutters. I was not successful.

This morning I bought the ticket on Fandango because as Roger Ebert said, I
need to see it to be in the conversation.

Went for a run with my training group. I am going to run more in 2010
compared to 2009. Not worry about speed as much.
Will be getting yet another set of headphones as my current set falls out at
2.5 miles and who wants to run when they cannot hear, the long country
version of "Love is All Around" which you all know is the theme from the
Mary Tyler Moore show. I liked when I was in short pants the giant M Mary

For the most part, I do not like going to the movies during the day but it
is a bit cloudy and I have already ran.

On another note, I saw Taco Bell has a campaign designed for I think women
called "Drive Through Diet".
*http://www.drivethrudiet.com/ which has a woman that lost 54 pounds. *
*They also have a campaign called 4th meal.
(This contradictory campaign is interested. They are targeting both the New
Years Resolution crowd and the holligans that eat fast food at 2AM.
Sort of like a weigh gain shake can also be a weight loss shake with a
change in directions.
I could imagine the pitch meeting, we should target women who are on the go
that read shape! Are'nt we targeting those that are searching for additional


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