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Star Wars Movies from worst to best

10) The Last Jedi
9) The Phantom Menace
8) The Clone Wars
7) The Force Awakens
6) Solo
5) Revenge of the Sith
4) Return of the Jedi
3) A New Hope
2) The Empire Strikes Back
1) Rogue One

Brett Farve

Saw a commercial with Jerry Rice and Brett Farve for a product called the Copper Fit Back Pro. 


The commercial starts with a group of middle aged Johny Lunchbuckets* playing their weekly touch football game in the park when Brett Farve and Jerry Rice stroll wearing their snake oil infused copper back brace.
It turns out that Jerry Rice and Brett Farve are going to be playing on the same team which is a little unfair.

Then I remembered Brett Farve also appeared in a commercial for Wranglers where he is again playing in a pickup game with another group of middle aged men this time all wearing jeans.

Based on these two commercials I am guessing that Brett Farve (and sometimes Jerry Rice) wanders the country to randomly join people playing touch football in the park.

*Simpsons reference

Helping out a neighbor of Clown Colony by driving them to CVS.

While we were in the store some ruffians made off with some merchandise and
the manager sort of gave chase.
Generally I am against shop lifting BUT if you are charging just below
dining rates for Sal Pellegrino my sympathy for your plight goes down.

It made me realized what a completely joyless experience being in a CVS is.
Everyone in the store was in CVS because they failed to plan. This goes
from the customers, the employees and the ruffians.

Bad lighting, high prices, weird music that annoys everyone.

They are stores that I enjoy shopping in and then they are many stores that
I hate which include Old Navy, Kohls, Macys and Target. I realize that many
people enjoy these stores and it goes under the category of different
opinion rather than right/wrong.

So my question is does anyone actually enjoy shopping at CVS or is it
simply a miserable place to get NyQuil?
In a quiet coffee shop across from a sound studio in Tokyo. A cover of
don't think twice by Bob Dylan plays on the stereo. Drinking a nice coffee
and having a cramp relay as I watch the couple prepare for their dinner
service. Wondering how long the shop has been open and what is there
Missed a gingerbread house with a Santa Claus on the counter.
Waiting for my cell phone to be fully recharged and for my air B&B to be
ready. On a long trip like this there many moments of waiting. Waiting for
your pants to drive. Waiting for your flight. Waiting till and. Waiting to
get off your flight. Waiting to get through customs. Waiting to get your
luggage. Waiting to get to your place.
All of it is just as much of a valid part of travel as a moment when you
are playing with an elephant. You only moment you have is the moment you
are in customs. You only moment you have is the moment you are sitting on
the tarmac. That is all you have.
I have dragged my trusty small blue wheeled suitcase across many countries
in many cities. The final check in before I return to Daly City with a more
solid appreciation for the Comfort of my own bed and the view from my
beautiful deck with my wonderful Jade plants overlooking the hot tub and
What percentage of your life is playing with elephants and what percentage
is waiting for something that might be a short time for a long time?
Appreciate the Costco hot dog as much as the A5 Waygu take you up traveled.
Travel and life is not simply the wonderful moments but also the a annoying
sometimes self created misery such as being on a hot bus across the
Cambodian countryside or a terrifying awful hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.
Wondering about the origin story of that gingerbread house on the counter
of the Japanese coffee shop across from the recording studio. Was it a
gift? Was it in intention purchase? Is it brought out ever year? Did either
of them ever believe in Santa Claus?

Random tips for visiting Vietnam

Here are some tips that may be helpful if you are visiting Vietnam for the first time. They are not in any sort of order but just as they come to mind.

1) learn the currency and download a currency conversion app. Be careful that you do not pay someone a 500000 ($22) dong note when you meant to give them 50000 ($2.2). You do not want to give the opportunity to be ripped off and you don't want to annoy people by forcing them to give a large amount of change for a small transaction.
Also if you work tipping someone such as a cyclo driver a 5000 dong note is less than $0.25 and a bit of an insult.

2) set up an account with grab which is their equivalent to Lyft or Uber. Be aware that one of the options is to be taken somewhere on the back of a scooter. Make sure you are in the correct place that you set up your pickup location by verifying the address and that it is somewhat easy for the car to pull over. This actually goes for anyone using Rideshare services around the world.

3) I am a huge fan of dogs and Vietnam dogs are very popular pets but be very cautious prior to petting them because they might not have had their shots.

4) crossing the street in Vietnam is its own unique experience. Obviously Vietnam does not have many distracted passengers.

5) when walking down the street you will be offered all sorts of varied services including rides on the back of scooters, offers to clean or repair your shoes and all manner of other services. A firm but friendly no is a good choice.

6) if for some reason you need to buy any Pharmaceuticals such as aspirin I would recommend buying from an actual Pharmacy. Plus verify the dosage compared two other products you may be used to. This goes for any other place you travel to.

Made it to 48 hours and cheat day

For the first time I can remember, I made it to a 48 hour fast.

Got hungry at times but after a while it subsided. 

I was never hangry. 

Cheat day came and I went to town with Ben & Jerry, PBR, Lagunitas, Cannolis, cookies, thai food, pizza. 

Turns out I gained .6 lbs from going to town. Going to be good today.  

First full day fasting

Yesterday I did not eat.
I did not eat breakfast. I did not eat lunch. I did not eat dinner.

I did not have a snack.

Drank bone broth, sparkling water and black coffee. 

Right now I have not eaten anything since Wednesday at lunch. 

Been doing intermittent fasting for a bit (where you create an eating window) but figured I would try a full day fast.

I feel fine. I am not hungry or weak. 

A few weeks ago I weighed myself and I was WAY off course despite running, lifting and kind of watching what I was eating. 

Figured I needed to try a new tactic and I came across some podcasts that discussed the benefits of fasting.
Picked up an audiobook from Jason Fung. 


The breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snack model makes sense if you are doing strenuous work.

Expected this to be far worse. Thought I would be hangry but I am not at all. 

Peckish but not hungry. Not light headed. Not feeling as compelled to the kitchen. 

Right now at 42 hours of fasting.

#fasting #intermittentfasting

Sep. 18th, 2017

This weekend I saw the new Jennifer Lawrence/Javier Bardem/Darren Aronofsky
Went in without reading the reviews or seeing the trailers.
One of Darren Aronofsky's earlier movies, Requiem for a Dream is the
scariest movie I have ever seen.

The movie is well made, solid acting, absolutely original but I am still
I could not even categorize the movie.

It is a good movie but did I like it?

I could not see a reason why I would ever want to see the movie again but I
do not regret seeing it.

Normally after seeing a movie I can state what the movie was about, if I
liked the movie and if others should see it. I have no answer to any of

This is the first time in a long time that I was really shocked going to
the movies.

If you are into being shocked, then see this movie.I doubt it will be in
the theater in 2 weeks.
Do not read the reviews, see the trailers, etc.

If you are not into that, do not see it. (I think this would be the vast
majority of everyone)
The currency is a combination of altruism and company.

The platform matches people who send delivery to a random person in another
random country.

You can then have a video conference dinner with the people who you ordered
the food.


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