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The Greatest Blog in The Entire World!!

Marcus Ronaldi provides his take on the world.

Marcus Ronaldi
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My name is Marcus Ronaldi and I live in Daly City which is located outside of San Francisco. I am in my early thirties and I have been keep a journal since September 13, 1985 but felt that it would be more fun to let the world to know the story. It may help you get to sleep!
Grew up in Maryland in a rural town located between Baltimore and Washington. Went to College at Penn State and then West Virginia.
Ran for Mayor of State College but lost in 1993.
Been in California since 1997. The most notable thing that I have done since been in California was organize the Pink Slip Parties in the Bay Area (with Patty Beron) and in the DC area.
Currently working for XO communications in San Jose.