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Not a potty expert

Wow, I am a complete and total idiot.
Got the dates wrong for my return flight to San Francisco, I should have
already been home because my flight was yesterday. But thankfully United
was beyond kind and allowed me to get on a flight today without charging me
I also got confused about what airport I was supposed to go to. I honestly
think that my IQ goes down by about 40 points when the temperature goes
above 80 degrees.

Pokemon World

Andrea mentioned that bathrooms in Parks never have mirrors. I wonder if
they were designed by vampires.
I saw a sign at the park chalet stating you could not park there if you're
playing Pokémon.
There is always a point when someone attacks out of technology. I am sure
someone somewhere got totally flummoxed by the remote control. Honestly I
find multiple remote controls to be a pain in the ass.
After a runI drove someone to the Soma District and then went to
whole.Reading to my free burrito bowl.


Easily the saddest thing I had seen on a run.
Was running in Golden Gate Park when someone asked if I had seen a white
van driving erratically. (I had not)
Turned out a White Honda Van driving about 50 to 60 mph driving the wrong
way in Golden Gate Park struck a bicyclist head on.
A little further up I saw the mangled bike and the person getting CPR from
bystanders. EMT/Fire/Police were on the way.
Based on the news, the person did not make it and the White Honda Van was found
a quarter mile away. (police are still looking for the drivers/passengers)
Then I saw a 2nd Bicyclist was killed in the Soma area because someone ran
a red light. (that person was thankfully caught)

I have seen quite a few close calls due to driver/cyclist/runner/walker
distraction but this goes well beyond.

Be careful. : (
In honor of Muhammad Ali here are a few things you may have not know
None of this is in any sort of order or importance.

1) He almost fought Wilt Chamberlin in 1971

2) He did fight Lyle Alzado in Denver

3) and a Sumo wrestler in Japan

4) and Superman
(Check out the people in the crowd)

5) He had a hit song written about him (Black Superman) that hit #21 on the
US Chart
Here is Muhammad Ali singing the song..

Giving it away and cathartic

Recently I have been focusing my effort on getting rid of stuff.
Selling on eBay, donating, giving away and trash.

Less material stuff is freeing.
I do not need the stuffed walrus that was given to me in the 1990's.

Went on NextDoor.com and asked for recommendations for places to bring old
A church in San Bruno contacted me about a program so I brought my old fred
containers and clothes.
A shower, a clean shirt, even if it has Oscar the Grouch.

If you want to feel that you have enough, see people thrilled to have what
you do not want.

Had coffee and oatmeal. Felt like I contributed something..

May. 6th, 2016

This is what happened.
Was early to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco.
Had some time to kill and was going to a taqueria.
On a busy street I saw a Junkie breaking the glass of an SUV and probably
not my wisest moment I expressed my displeasure at his course of action.
He was wearing a huge hoodie. Was a white guy between 25 and 35. He ran
off. (the police officer asked for a description)
Another gentleman that was watching acted like he was going to call the
cops but then he scampered off.

Stood at the car as one of the back windshields was smashed and I called
A guitar case and other musical instruments were exposed.

Police came in about 5 minutes.
Described what I saw and we waited for the guy to go back to his car.
He was going to either take the guitar to the station for safekeeping.

Had a nice discussion about the increase in property crime.
Told me that in the early 1990's crime was higher but then they took a
tough on crime approach and put people in prison for a while.

Up until a few years ago they were able to put drug users in jail if they
did not go into treatment.

No, they no longer have that option (of putting someone in jail). Hence the
complete open air use of the hardest drugs you imagine.

Hard drug use fuels the need to break into cars...

If you are in San Francisco, do not have anything of value visible or
anything that can be of perceived value.
A junkie will just as easily break into a car for a bag of socks compared
to a laptop.

In the past year I have spent time in Japan, Nashville, Seattle, Washington
DC, and Portland. None of which has the extensive problem with property
In 1980 one of my teachers got me the comic book of the Empire Strikes Back
a couple of months before the movie came out, so by lunchtime my dumb
friends and dumb Marcus knew the plot twist at the the end #nospoilers
This caused me to want to avoid having any Star Wars movie spoiled before I
saw it.
In 1999 was super excited about Episode I and paid a little bit of money to
see it early with George Lucas and Willie Brown.
After seeing it I thought it was good (then I saw it again and realized it
was about people betting on a race to get parts for a ship)
Each movie since then I made it a point to avoid the reviews and see the
first possible showing. I am so glad they know have the first showings at
around 7...
Six year old Marcus would be happy with the future in that they will come
out with a new movie each year.
He would be disappointed with the lack of progress on going to space and
that Supermarkets still have lines.

Greatest Blog had to go to the Post Office

The Greatest Blog in the entire world had to go to the Post Office to mail
a bobblehead.
First time I sold something on eBay for a while.
Wish I had the presence of mind to have tape.

Ran. I need to get more on point about nutrition. Got way off track. Way
off track.
Was proud that I called it an early night and getting to club sleeping

Annoyed with Audible.
Having a tough time downloading titles.

Salt and Pepper Hair

Was thinking that I have the start of "Salt & Pepper" hair which is an
honor and a privilege.
Will never be the one who dyes or gets plugs.

Part of being happy

It was Wednesday so that meant I went into the city to the flood building and happily did not see any hypodermic needles. Did a total of 6 rides. Tomorrow I will be traveling to Maryland. Hoping to get bumped. The best of all worlds if I fly first class. Book my Airbnb for the conference.


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