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When you mention job search, the first action that comes to mind for many
of todays job searchers is applying to listed jobs on the Internet.

A common piece of advice that one may hear is "looking for a job is a full
time position".

This does not mean that one should spend all of their time applying to each
and every job that shows up on Indeed.

Focus on networking: both in person and virtual.

Network not with recruiters and HR but rather the people that would be
doing the work that is in the target industry.

The Podcast Entrepreneur on fire has a question each episode, "Imagine you
woke up tomorrow morning, in a brand new world, identical to earth, but you
knew nobody. You still have all the experience and knowledge you currently
have right now. Your food and shelter is taken care of, but all you have is
a laptop and $500. What do you do in the next seven days?"

For example if you are looking at a job as a chemical engineer in Houston
here are a couple of options

1) Scour Meetup.com for relevant groups and get involved!

I found a group called e OilGas People Connect
<http://www.meetup.com/oilgas/>. The group is looking for both venues and
speakers! Do you know a company that has a large unused room? A restaurant
near a plant that wants extra business?

Also providing expertise is a great way to make connections.

If you are still getting started, recruit speakers!

2) Join relevant networking organizations! (AiChe)

Aiche chemical engineers <http://sts.aiche.org/> Houston has a monthly
dinner. Volunteer.

Your life can change on a quick connections. Making connections can
increase the chance that will happen.


Marcus Ronaldi

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