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Had a really nice run around the Lake. Had good company and a nice sunset.
My favorite time of day is dusk.
At 1269 for the year which is 102 miles from my stretch goal of 1372 which
is my total of 2009 and 2010 combined.
Making running conducive is key. I remember a teammate from Oxon Hill said,
"the hardest part of running is putting on your shoes"

Made me think how I got into running for the first time. Was at a wrestling
camp which I hated and one day, we all had to do a run. I was (and still)
would never consider myself fast or quick but was able to finish before 80%
of everybody. The next season I started running with the cross country team
and my wrestling career ended. Ran last three years of high school and my
biggest regret is not continuing to run.
Ran on occasion as other things became more important. Those things (Dotcom
parties, Happy Hours) did not have a good ROI.
Would run for a few weeks prior to Bay to Breakers and it took a lot to run

A friend of mine's wife had started a walking program in her community,
which got me a pedometer.
A year later I got a job at Google and I knew I had to do something, as
they feed you breakfast lunch and dinner.
Got an iPod nano and have covered over 4100 miles. Goal is 12400 miles
before 2020.

Thinking towards next year, thinking about finally running a full
marathon(s) which would be the San Francisco full and perhaps the Marine
Corp Marathon.

After the run went to Japantown for Korean food. Turns out they have a K
Town in Korea.
All you can eat and they service with a button.


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